Uptown on the Hill – November Voting Guide

The November 2 ballot includes a large number of proposals, plus candidates for the Denver Public Schools Board of Education.  Find out about registering to vote, the location of polling sites, pros and cons of all the measures on the ballot, and more at denvervotes.org/

Uptown on the Hill’s board of directors at its October meeting voted to oppose (i.e., encourage voters in Uptown to vote “no”) on these ballot proposals:


❌ 2E (National Western) due to our preference that new bond money go toward affordable housing; 


❌ 2F (Group Living Zoning Code Amendment) due to the need to expand the options for obtaining housing in Denver; 

❌ 303 (Safe Outdoor Spaces, unsanctioned encampments)due to it creating a double-bind for the City which will result in lawsuits.  


There are many other important measures being put to a vote.  Our organization did not address the others, but we encourage readers to learn about the issues.  Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, the Denver League of Women Voters, Denver Decides, and Channel 8 have prepared an Elections 2021 Ballot Review Program, which is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/8RLH-jA6e7I and at DenverDecides.org.