Unhoused Action Coalition – 10 Point Plan

As you are probably aware, homelessness has become a major issue in Denver in our Uptown neighborhood. We have heard (an experienced) a range of responses to this crisis, including frustration at the extent of unsanctioned encampments, fears for personal security, empathy for those sleeping on Denver’s streets and myriad additional concerns. 


We have been a key contributor to the formation of the Unhoused Action Coalition. The UAC has coalesced around shared vision to support the interests of their constituents and work for the common good throughout the Mile High City. Central to this is developing a humane strategy to support those in our communities who do not, for whatever reason, have access to permanent housing. The UAC believes that this strategy must address long term housing goals and, most importantly, provide an implementable and immediate blueprint to transition those sleeping on the streets of Denver from unsanctioned to sanctioned temporary accommodation.  The UAC has issued a 10-point action plan to address the housing crisis in Denver. You can read the plan here. 

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