Tarven Uptown Building – SHOULD IT STAY, OR SHOULD IT GO?

The Tavern Uptown building at the corner of 17th Ave. and Pearl St. was slated for demolition until a group of neighbors and Historic Denver began working with the developer to come up with a solution to save the “historic” building. On Wednesday, February 17th at 6:00 pm, neighborhood community groups are co-hosting a meeting to discuss the plans for the construction of apartments on and around the Tavern Uptown building. Please come to voice your opinion. You will be asked:

A) Do you support a revision to the zoning for the property that would allow the new building to have up to 10 stories, but remain within the 110 feet height limit that is currently allowed? Supporting this rezoning will allow for the Tavern Uptown building to remain intact. Or,
B) Do you oppose the re-zoning request? Opposition will mean the building is torn down. RSVP Here.

Letter about 17th & Pearl Development