Platte to Park Hill Stormwater Project

City Park Golf Course Redesign Group Convenes

The wastewater increases approved by City Council will fund many pieces of the Platte to Park Hill Stormwater Systems project. One of those pieces is the City Park Golf Course Redesign. The City has put together a Redesign Workgroup made up of community leaders, golf course users and other members of the community. Jessica Caouette, Vice President of Uptown on the Hill was there to listen in on their first meeting and be a communication point for our neighborhood.

The Redesign is fueled by floodwater movement throughout the city and specifically addresses the issue regarding the Park Hill water detention. Starting from a few Feasibility Studies, the City hopes to find a design that addresses the detention of water during 5, 10 and 100-year floods while considering the historic integrity, course playability, water quality and environment, enhancement of existing programs and amenities and neighborhood connections and access. From now through the fall of 2016 the Workgroup will meet about general layout and design guidelines These meetings strive to complete the design and work closely with the city to make sure community voices are heard. By 2017 the City will use a design/build process to select a contractor and final design for the site, with emphasis on the Workgroup’s final product. 2017 will focus on refining the final design and then construction would start after the season in 2017 with the project scheduled to complete by late 2019, early 2020.

Throughout the design process the workgroup will host public meetings lead by the City’s team. These meetings are meant to communicate ideas and vision for the golf course redesign. The Workgroup is also tasked with keeping up communication with their community, asking for feedback and ideas. For now, the city is looking for input on the the Hopes, Fears, and Must-haves for the golf course redesign. The Workgroup identified important issues including quality and innovative design in general, concerns for abandoning key areas of the project if it runs over budget, sustainability, careful focus on the course itself and the golf amenities such as practice areas and defined areas for the First Tee program, plus careful consideration of whether Bogey’s should be moved and where.

As this process goes forward, Uptown on the Hill is committed to listening to our neighbors about their needs and concerns for the project. Please feel free to contact Jessica at regarding more information on this and future meetings or for opportunities to contribute to the City Park Golf Course redesign.