Land Use & Zoning Committee

The Land Use & Zoning Committee is a group of community activists, urbanists, and engaged residents in our neighborhood that meet to discuss planning and development related issues in Uptown and Denver at large. The committee holds public meetings with developers of infill projects to learn more about how development will impact the neighborhood, and is lobbying the city to update our neighborhood plan. This summer our committee partnered with the Greater Paths committee to conduct a study of the pedestrian environment to identify opportunities to make the bicycle and pedestrian experience more enjoyable.

Development pressures during the 1980s were the spark for the formation of our RNO. Residents of our neighborhood were successful in preventing the encroachment of downtown office space into our neighborhood and preserving the mixed-use character we all enjoy; get involved with Uptown’s Land Use & Zoning Committee to learn more and help create positive change.

Existing Conditions Study

In March 2015, students in Peter Park’s Planning Studio at CU Denver studied our neighborhood and developed an academic area plan for our neighborhood. The students did an excellent job of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our neighborhood, as well as identifying opportunities to improve our community. Please take...

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17th Avenue Historic Tour Guidebook

This May, Uptown on the Hill will begin hosting guided historic tours of the neighborhood. Beginning with 17th Avenue, the purpose of these tours are to provide a social, cultural, and architectural history of the neighborhood to interested residents and to initiate conversations about Uptown’s past, present, and future. The...

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WalkDenver – Be a Sidewalk Champion!

Imagine if you were responsible for filling the potholes in the street in front of your house.  Not only would this policy place a significant financial burden on your household, but your ability to drive around safely would depend on other homeowners filling the potholes in front of their houses...

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Bus Service – Colfax Avenue

A proposal to add faster bus service to Colfax Avenue in metro Denver is aimed at easing congestion.  About 20,000 people ride a bus on Colfax between Denver and Aurora daily. That demand is expected to increase as population grows. See more at:   City info here:

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